Investor Advisory

Distributed Ledger Technology is not static. Navigating in an uncharted frontier in search of relevant projects requires awareness of complex factors and familiarity with the ecosystem. Horatii Partners provides unique deal flows tailored to investment appetite and focus.

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Deal Flow

Our Investor partners are provided with deal flows tailored to their investment strategy and focus. We also inform our partners of the novel tools that exist in the space such as ICOs and their underlying mechanics in order to facilitate effective interaction.


Market Insights

Investing in Decentralized Technologies requires constant information inflow from various unconventional sources such as Reddit, GitHub and Telegram groups. Our community keeps a close watch on the new developments and identifies relevant information in order to inform our partners' operations in the field.


Early access

In the ICO landscape, identifying the relevance of underlying technology at the right time is a huge challenge. Our experts scout projects at the very beginning in order to provide unparalleled opportunities. We engage with the founders and developers to build a bridge between the team and the contributors at the earliest stage.