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Cem F Dagdelen

Background in Investment Banking.

Awards in financial trading & innovation.

Researcher in decentralized governance & cryptoeconomic primitives.

Sailor since age 9.

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Daniel Shavit

Background in Economics and Finance. Crypto-economics specialist at Horatii Partners and the Fabrique du Futur think tank. 

Organizing the annual Blockchain Agora conference in Paris and executive awareness workshops.

Currently advising projects in co-creation, collective intelligence and decentralized governance.

DJs in another life.

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Tuna Özen

Backround Retail. Specialised in product and brand management. Reviewed +130 projects with custom subjective filtering systems such as fragility, 360, token mechanics, team structure.

Community moderator on QuantStamp, CrowdMachine.

Former brand advisor at SafeHaven (creator of the POR protocol).

Currently advising to 2 startups (classified). 

Co-writer of a new book publishing in July 2018.

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Clara Milgram

Background in Economics and Management.

Co-Founder and Vice President of Bocconi Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Association.

Researcher in token distribution models.


Alice Kohn

Background in Economics and Political Science.  

Tech writer and TV reporter.

End of 2015 she fell down the rabbit hole into the Blockchain world.

Helps Blockchain projects with content production, copy editing of WPs and LPs and the development of strategic narratives

Participates in research projects.

Occasionally writes assets analysis for Smith and Crown.