We are international consultants with extensive knowledge of blockchain ecosystem, use-cases and cryptocurrency markets. Our focus is to support and guide you through the challenges of the ever-changing landscape, though our in-house expertise and our key partners. 


Blockchain Advisory  

We leverage our theoretical expertise and robust network to address a wide range of challenges. Our dedicated in-house team and external partners can support you in various areas such as: providing research, PoC implementation, business development and sales.

Innovator Network

We are constantly searching for the most competent teams developing high impact projects. Our partnership principle binds us to establish relationships only with projects that we have fundamental trust in. Projects which are selected to become part of our Innovator Network gain access to intellectual content creation in order to communicate the impact of their underlying project, while receiving state-of-the-art advisory on essential components such as Whitepaper advisory, community building and partnerships.

Expert Insights

We work very closely with our international partners and clients, to inform the general public through blockchain events such as Blockchain Agora which takes place every year in Paris. We work with the most prominent actors in each blockchain sub-sector to illuminate a dynamic landscape. 

Investor Relations

In such a complex world, we see that investors find it challenging to identify key opportunities and strategies to manoeuvre effectively and efficiently. Our team can help you identify your strategy and give you access to opportunities internationally and locally.